With its own manufacture and installation technologies on gearboxes and steam turbines, TGM provides back all the customers needs, focused on the three key industrial stepping stones: GREATER SAFETY, GREATER EFFICIENCY AND GREATER OPERATIONAL AVAILABILITY.

TGM has engineers and technicians specialized on development, construction and installation of products and services, which ensures the best application for each customer need. In order to do it, TGM uses advanced technologies by analyzing graphics and applying the current norms. The company is comparable to the world’s largest factories of steam turbines, gearboxes, accessories and services. 

Steam Turbines Supply:

They are single-stage and multi-stage turbines for mechanical drives and power generators, up to 150MW, which work at low, medium and high pressure, up to 2175 psia, and high temperatures, up to 1004 °F. These equipment are available on backpressure for the models TG / TMFLEX / TM|TME / TM-A|TME-A / BT|BTE models and on condensation TMC|TMCE / TMC-A|TMCE-A / CT|CTE models

Aerospace Technology

TR 5000: Originally named TAPP (in Portuguese Low-Power Aeronautics Turbine), the TR-5000 project resulted from the production and testing of two motors in São José dos Campos/SP, and were proven its full compatibility and viability. TGM newest challenge is a project for the production of its first gas turbine design for unmanned aircrafts conducted between TGM and the Aerospace Science and Technology Department (DCTA) and developed by a team of researchers from the Aeronautics and Space Institute (IAE) and the Aeronautical Propulsion Division (APA). The solution founded is able to change the gas turbine concept and turn it to a power generation application project.

Turbo Pump

In a partnership with the Brazilian Air Force (DCTA, IAE and EPA), TGM will produce the Turbo Pump to the LP75 propulsion system. For the first time in Brazil’s history, the propulsion will be liquid, i.e., the equipment will pump the fuel and the oxidant to the combustion chamber. The first model of the Turbo Pump is being test by TGM.

Guaranteed Quality

The main commitment of TGM is to deliver products, parts and services with the highest level of customer satisfaction. In order to do so, the quality system supervises and seeks to continuously improve processes to fulfill administrative procedures, technical instructions, production standards, training and analysis with effective adjustments. To meet customers' expectations, TGM has invested in the preparation, qualification and training of technical personnel in product engineering, application, quality control, manufacturing, field service and in continuous technology improvement.

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