The equipment will operate in Turkey

INOVATION is a concept that many companies applies in its process and equipment to raise efficiency, security and operational availability levels in production plants. Under this concept, that is in the top of TGM’s daily routine, a condensing, reaction turbine: an innovative project for renewable energy.
The CTE50 turbine of 42MW, with sub-axial exhaust, will operate with 90bar of pressure and at 540ºC. For Marcos Nishi, director of the Turbines unity of TGM, this innovation is also extremely positive for the environment. “The innovation and energy self-sufficiency path is certain and it is part of the plans of several companies worldwide, as this one in Turkey. We contribute for it in a daily basis, innovating and seeking better technological solutions” says Nishi.
It will be installed in Balikesir, Turkey, in a newsprint paper mill that, besides the fact that it produce vapour for the industrial process, it will generate electricity for self-consumption and export the exceeding to the grid in that country. “With the exportation of the exceeding electricity to the grid, the company is able generate profit. This is only possible because our equipment is developed, especially for each project, which makes them unique. The proof lies in the fact that our high technology is present in many countries and several countries”, says the director.
This is TGM contributing for green energy generation around the world.


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