Electric Power

Power generation and cogeneration projects

TGM has the technology, expertise and consultancy services to develop power generation and cogeneration on thermal plants, using biomass or other fuel sources. TGM can operate as an EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) leading all the gross procedures to the final ones, providing high efficiency, ensuring safety and a longer operational availability to the customer. We have many references and a proven know-how in this field. 

EPC projects

The EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) project is a turnkey concept, which allows customers to acquire a thermal plant project or part of a running project from TGM. Thus, our team will handle all the responsibilities from the sketches to the equipment installation and the power commissioning, applying its acknowledged engineering technologies.

Within this concept, TGM applies its renowned engineering of mass balance analysis, application engineering and complete installation.

Retrofit Projects

Retrofit is an industrial site modernization, upgrading, recovering and overhauling existing equipment or replacing it with new ones. It seeks to reinforce and secure the three pillars of the plant:

  1. Operational reliability – increases the safety levels, preventing accidents and avoiding unwanted halts.
  2. Efficiency – reduces the final industrial products costs, specially of electric power increasing the competitiveness the global market
  3. Cash Feedback - Through the sale of the electric power excess providing an extra short-term income
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