Electrical / Mechanical Drives

Turbines for Power Generation Drives

TGM is involved with the world’s biggest thermal power projects, mainly with renewable energy plants. Our solutions are responsible for a higher megawatt-hour amount delivered, reducing the supply risks due a sector crisis. Besides that we seek for a greater efficiency of our clients plants which would increase their income.

Comparing with the human body, electricity would be the blood which sustains life, TGM would be the heart beat driving the dependent organs and resulting in self-sufficient plants, exporting the surplus energy and therefore contributing to a sustainable balance between economic growth and social-environmental care.

Compact, easy to manage, with a greater thermodynamic efficiency and low costs, TGM turbines are applicable to 0,1MW to 150MW, at maximum operational conditions of 540 ºC and 140 bar (a).

Gearboxes/ Multipliers for aerogenerator

The RPW planetary gearboxes line was developed by TGM to answer the demands of the wind industry as to for the drives of Yaw and Pitch. The goal is providing a quality and safe product to the aerogenerator manufacturers, according to the requirements and global standards.

Turbines for Mechanical Drives

TGM turbines are applicable for smal generator drivers, with potency up to 5MW on pumps, shredders, fans and hoods. These solutions could be aplied on any industrial sector worldwide.

Gearboxes for Mechanical Drives

Increasingly, industries need to be more efficient and competitive. For that reason, TGM has a specialized team on mechanical drives that provide planetary gear boxes up to 7000kN.m and special and industrial paralel gearboxes. These could be applied in any industry that requires a high availability and operational efficiency.