Engineering and Consulting

Studies on Thermal Balance and Application

Present to customers by TGM, there is a complete mass and energy balance analysis. The thermal balance study is a complete inspection of the thermodynamic efficiency and its energy consumption aiming to maximize the surplus availability for trading. It’s a thorough study about the current plant, with tests to reach the best implementation choices, seeking for future expansions, increasing the efficiency, the safety and the availability with a lower investment.

In addition to that, TGM provides engineering application to integrates several devices into a single customized solution, which requires mechanical drives and electric power generators.

Regenerative Cycle on Thermal Plants

Since it consists on using the surplus steam generated with the same fuel, in order to heat the condensate, feeding back the boiler. This cycle is based on the use of the various stages of the steam turbine, increasing the condensate temperature, which raises the cycle efficiency. The regeneration cycle can be applied on both new and existing plants.

The main effect can be explained by the steam flow reduction that arrives at the condenser and the corresponding losses reduction at the cold source. Among the factors that influence the steam cycle efficiency, the boiler feed water and the combustion air’ temperatures are the most relevant ones.  Therefore with the preheated air and water, the fuel consumption is lower because it’s being injected an extra energy into the boiler.

Safety and Control for Turbomachinery

TGM provides safety and processes control solutions for power generation and cogeneration. These technologies are implemented by specialists, seeking maintenance cost reductions and a greater equipment efficiency. TGM is always prioritizing the plant, the machinery and the system equipment’ safety.


With flexibility to meet each customer needs, the projects are customized and deployed with all the necessary documents for full integration due to facilitate global commissioning works and reducing the project implementation duration.

Projects are embedded with dedicated PLC’s, operational convenience screens and flexibility to improve and update the controls according to the clients’ needs, information availability for making reliable decisions and actions. 

Operational Engineering

TGM’s operational engineering collects equipment information about its current technical and operational situation for analyze their efficiency, safety and innovation.

When it’s possible, improvements are appointed for increasing the equipment, process and plant’s performance and safety aiming to maximize the power generation and the profits for the surplus trade.