Steam Turbines Trainings

Concepts, Operation and Application
Provide better understanding of the steam turbine technology, its functioning, performance and operation.
Target audience:
Supervisors, engineers, operators and all the technical team involved in the operation, maintenance and installation of steam turbines.
At the end of the training, the participant will be able to:
• Know the functioning principles, the manufacturing technologies, equipment type and application;
• Understand the technology and specify a turbine or a turbo drive.
• Know the control, protection and measurements aspects.
• Understand the operation and its details.
• Understand, identify and participate in solving the most important problems of the machines.
Program Content
The Equipment Technology
• History.
• Steam – talking about thermodynamics.
• The mechanisms of expansion action and reaction stages, counter pressure, condensation turbines and with extraction.
• Construction and classification.
Monitoring, Control and Protection Systems
• Speed control.
• Parallel and island operation.
• Technology in the equipment: sensors, transmitters.
• Mechanical and electric protections.
• Sequential trip.
• What to do before starting to operate a turbine.
• Start and stop procedures for each type of turbine.
• Monitoring the equipment during operation.
• Incidents – what to do when something fails.
• Thermodynamic cycles.
• The turbine in the thermoelectric plant.
• The turbine in the industrial process.
• Energy cogeneration.
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