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TMC-A and TMCE-A Impulse Turbine

TMC-A and TMCE-A impulse turbines are built with impulse and multi-stage technologies and also available with controlled or not-controlled extraction. They are used to power generation, applied in steam thermal power plants, combined cycle plants and also in industrial processes. They operate on maximum conditions of 1015 psia, 986°F and 25MW.

In the condensation cycle, after leaving the turbine, the steam goes through a condenser which converts it back to water, causing it to return to the boiler in a loop cycle.

The TMC-A turbines are the pure condensation type, while TMCE-A turbines have one or more intermediate steam extraction, which are used in industrial or heat processes (cogeneration).


Nominal Power Output

up to 25 MW

Inlet Pressure

up to 1015 psia

Inlet Temperature

up to 986 °F


up to 6,500 rpm

Extraction Pressure

up to 435 psia