Used Equipment for Sale

In some negotiations for new equipment, TGM is credited turbines, gearboxes, turborredutores and equipment that can be reused.

These devices have full operating conditions and can still be purchased from TGM with some services such as upgrades, repotenciamentos and adjustments in parts of installations.
It is a viable and safe alternative, contact and acquire such equipment:
+55 16 2105-2662
  • Services in Gearboxes and Multipliers +

    With its own technology in manufacturing, installation and services in gearboxes and multipliers, TGM provides all the customers’ needs, focusing on the three fundamental pillars Read More
  • Services in gearboxes of any model and manufacturer +

    Every equipment undergoes natural or premature wear throughout operation. TGM is specialised in performing services in gearboxes of any model and any manufacturer, preparing them to Read More
  • Overhaul and Repairs +

    Normally are perfomed importants overhaul and other services on gearboxes programmed shutdowns or periodically, such as oil analysis or its change, selas replacement, leaks repairs Read More
  • Recovery and Reform +

    Every equipment undergoes natural or premature wear throughout operation. TGM has specialised in performing services in turbines of any model and any manufacturer, leaving them in Read More
  • Overhauling +

    TGM applies engineering and manufacturing solutions, always seeking for a parallel and planetary gearboxes' greater efficiency and perfomance. There are held important equipment desassembly services Read More
  • Modernization +

    Update services TGM enable providing greater security, durability, reliability and reduced operating cost. Through these services can be made fault detection and correction in advance. Applications Read More
  • Reverse engineering +

    For analyzing any possible equipment problem, our company uses reverse engineering that consist of tools and processes to identify the cause of problems and also Read More
  • Balancing +

    Any rotating machine could lose its original features and its susceptible to a premature maintenance. For that, TGM has a balancing service for shafts and Read More
  • Installation and Startup +

    With highly qualified and specializes staff, TGM performs turbines’ installation and startup services, for any application and fulfills all the processes requirements, always seeking for Read More
  • Inspection and Borescope +

    TGM control methods include wide range of non-destructive inspection such as ultrasound, PL (Penetrating Liquid),axis warp analysis, dimensional checking and magnetic particle for evaluation. This service Read More
  • Monitoring and Protection +

    TGM develops and implements solutions in technology for safety and control for turbomachinery. They are deployed by experts, seeking for reduced maintenance costs and improved Read More
  • Spares and New Parts +

    By modern processes, strict control and quality standards, TGM manufactures steam turbines and gearboxes spare parts with delivery on time. It has a large stock of Read More
  • Planned Maintenance +

    Good manufacturing practices, maintenance and review are important in TGM, which aims to extract maximum utilization and operational availability of each equipment made by TGM Read More
  • Maintenance LTC - Long Term Contract +

    The LTC Maintenance is an important concept that have been growing mainly among the industries that seek for a guaranteed efficiency, availability and safety for Read More
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