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TGM, headquartered in Sertãozinho City/São Paulo State, is a company of the WEG Group, belonging to the WEG Energy business unit.  Weg Energy develops and implements solutions for electric power generation in Wind Power, Biomass and Hydroelectric Power projects, providing large-sized electric motors, alternators, generators and wind turbines.  It also provides overhaul and recovery services of electrical rotating machines.

With a modern 72,000 m² manufacturing plant, TGM is present in more than 50 countries and serves more than 550 customers annually.

With advanced technology and infrastructure comparable to the largest factories in the world, TGM is considered the greatest Latin American company in the steam turbine and gearbox, speed multiplier, accessories and services sectors. 

TGM provides solutions and equipment for power generators drivers, focusing on thermal and wind renewable energy. It also provides equipment for mechanical drives, like hoods, fans, shredders, water pumps, mills, sugar cane levelers, turbo chargers, turbo blowers and a specific line for industrial processes.

It has manufactured more than 1,000 turbines, 1,300 planetary gearboxes and 550 parallel shaft gearboxes. TGM has also performed services of overhauling, recovery and modernization on more than 2,800 turbines, 2,000 planetary gearboxes and 1,000 parallel shaft gearboxes. The Brazilian global company has also completed numerous maintenance services in turbo gearboxes, turbo charges and turbo blowers.


Main aspects and competitive advantages of TGM

  • 100% Brazilian technology;
  • ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified;
  • Modern industrial site;
  • Products developed to be safe, compact, easy to manage and with low maintenance costs;
  • Our products have high operation efficiency rates, higher energy output with lower resources consumption;
  • Maintenance services with overhauling, repowering and modernizations;
  • 24/7 service availability in case of emergency.


Quality Policy

  • Do it right in the first care, and even better in the second one;
  • Forward only defect-free products to the next operation/job;
  • Continuously improve processes; evaluate and monitor suppliers;
  • Increase customer satisfaction about TGM products and services, complying to its requirements as well as those determined by related laws;
  • Increase the strategic machinery reliability of our industrial site;
  • Improve people management, because the employees are responsible for the quality excellence;
  • Use the financial return as an essential energy for improving TGM processes;
  • Be committed to quality improvement and to always pursue productivity increase.


Environmental Policy

  • Protect the environment by adopting pollution prevention rules;
  • Monitor and fulfill the applicable laws and other requirements signed by the company;
  • Promote training and environmental education activities to the employees and the community;
  • Improve the processes and add new Technologies to the products, seeking for benefits to the society and the environment;
  • Use natural resources wisely.


Social Policy

  • Investing in clean energy is investing in sustainability. In the current scenario of economic expansion, having electricity is essential. The use of biomass represents a safer and ecologically viable choice to power generation, since it produces renewable energy;
  • These biomass resources contribute with the society, because they are develop a constant supply chain which creates new jobs on the fields, on factories and local commerce;
  • TGM brand has established itself on the clean energy sector by the expressive numbers. It figures as the main supplier of steam turbines and gearboxes for the electric field;
  • Besides that, TGM is responsible for more than 6,5% of Brazil’s energy generation, almost half of the energy generated by Itaipu power plant. 


Corporate Policy

  • TGM employees have many benefits. The company offers the “Life with Quality” program, which offers labor gymnastics, stimulates positive changes on the employees’ life style, organizes events for a better integration between family and company and also promotes social/educational lectures and campaigns.
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24/7 Assistance.

Seeking for a greater operational availability of our equipment installed in our clients, we provide the remarkable and established Emergency Services, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This is our biggest benefit. It’s reliable and efficient for mechanical, electrical and renewable energy solutions..

Emergency Service: +55 16 2105 2529 +55 16 99623 1854     |    tgm24h@weg.net


Rod. Armando de Salles Oliveira, km 4,8 - Industrial District,
zipcode 14175-300 - Sertãozinho - SP - Brazil
Phone: +55 16 2105.2600

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