Generators and Motors

Planned Maintenance

Good manufacturing, maintenance and inspection practices are important at TGM WEG, which aims at obtaining the maximum from each machine manufactured by TGM WEG and from other manufacturers.

The planned purchase of parts and maintenance services enables quick services and delivery on time of the equipment with quality assurance, from the disassembly to commissioning tests.

The Planned Maintenance guarantees an increase in the equipment availability, providing an efficient planned shutdown for preventive, recovery, retrofit and part replacement services.

  • Mechanical and Electrical Recovery +

    Mechanical and Electrical Recovery Every machine undergoes natural or premature wear along their operation. TGM WEG has specialized in restoring generators and medium and large electric motors from other Read More
  • Scope of Field Services +

    Scope of Field Services TGM WEG technical structure brings advantages in customized and emergency services, providing the customers with quick responses, cost reduction, operational availability, confidence and safety. For Read More
  • Services in Generators and Large Motors +

    Services in Generators and Large Motors With products and services consolidated on the market, TGM adds its experience to the WEG Group and expands its portfolio beyond steam turbines and gearboxes, Read More
  • Services in Generators and Motors Large from WEG or other manufacturers +

    Services in Generators and Motors Large from WEG or other manufacturers Every machine undergoes natural or premature wear along their operation. TGM WEG has specialized in servicing gearboxes from other manufacturers, restoring them to their original Read More
  • Scope of Services at the Factory +

    Scope of Services at the Factory The services at the factory in generators and medium and large motors are carried out in São Bernardo do Campo City, São Paulo State. Bearings Read More
  • Overhaul +

    Overhaul Normally, in scheduled shutdowns or at certain time intervals, important turbine inspection and repair services are performed, such as oil analysis or change, seal replacement, Read More
  • Removal, Assembly and Installation +

    Removal, Assembly and Installation With a highly qualified and specialized team, TGM WEG removes, assembles and installs generators and medium and large electric motors. All the process requirements are Read More
  • Mechanical and Electrical Retrofit +

    Mechanical and Electrical Retrofit TGM WEG retrofit services provide greater safety, durability, reliability and reduced operating costs. TGM WEG is an expert in these types of services, carried out Read More
  • Assisted Operation and Monitoring +

    Assisted Operation and Monitoring TGM WEG develops and implements solutions in technologies for machinery safety and control. They are implemented by specialists who seek to reduce maintenance costs and Read More
  • Overhauling Revamping +

    Overhauling Revamping TGM WEG applies engineering and manufacturing solutions, always seeking higher efficiency and performance of the machines. Important equipment disassembly services are carried out in the Read More
  • Expert's Report and Inspection +

    Expert's Report and Inspection These services seek to identify problems and ensure that all components meet the requirements for seamless operation until the next scheduled inspection. All results are Read More
  • Vibration and fault analysis +

    Vibration and fault analysis The equipment in operation may present anomalies and have its performances impaired. TGM WEG has the structure and technology to identify possible events, both internal Read More
  • Balancing of Shafts and Rotors +

    Balancing of Shafts and Rotors Any rotary machine may lose its original characteristics and be subject to premature maintenance. Therefore, TGM WEG has the balancing, which is vital for the Read More
  • Spare Parts +

    Spare Parts By means of modern processes and strict control and quality standards, TGM WEG manufactures spare parts for generators and motors with timely delivery. For some Read More
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24/7 Assistance.

Seeking for a greater operational availability of our equipment installed in our clients, we provide the remarkable and established Emergency Services, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This is our biggest benefit. It’s reliable and efficient for mechanical, electrical and renewable energy solutions..

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